Mouse Ears and Magic is a new podcast that will release a new episode every Monday and Thursday.  Together we will dive into the Walt Disney World parks, resorts, and dining.  Join your hosts, Sarah and James, as they talk about history, news and travel tips to make your day and your next trip to Walt Disney World just a little more magical.


Who are these people talking in my earbuds? Well, that's us! I'm James and I'm usually joined by my incredible wife Sarah.  You might hear from our oldest son from time to time, his name is Jameson and he is five years old.  He has a little brother named Phoenix who is still just two years old, but he will be celebrating his third birthday on our next adventure to Walt Disney World.  We are also both travel agents, that specialize in Disney destinations, with Magic of Mickey Travel.  Want to know more about the agency?  Check out the page labeled Magic of Mickey up top!

What is there to know about me?  Well, I used to teach and coach, but sadly that wasn't providing for my family the way we needed so I got my CDL and now I drive locally.  Not a big change in careers at all right?!?  I am absolutely obsessed with all things Disney from Walt's life to movies and of course the parks!!! My favorite movie is by far Toy Story 3 but my favorite character would have to be Beast.  Do I have a favorite villain?  Well duh, doesn't every Disney fan?  My favorite villain would have to be Captain Hook, you'll just have to listen to one of the episodes to find out why though.


Want to know a little about Sarah?  Well, here she is...


Hey everyone! As you already know, my name is Sarah.  James and I have been married for seven years now.  I just recently got accepted into college to go back and finish my degree in Elementary Education and am currently substitute teaching at a local elementary school.  I love to volunteer in the community such as PTO and coaching our son's soccer team!  My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, hands down.  Villain?  Oh, now we're talking!!!!  I love me some Maleficent, but honestly, I love a lot of Disney villains.  We are going to have a series on Disney villains, so you should make sure to check those out when they are released!


Thank you all so much for checking out our growing site and we hope you enjoy the show!  Please be sure to leave us a rating and follow us on Facebook, we would love to hear from you! 

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