Ep 38 The Big News!

WE HAVE NEWS FROM DISNEY! That's right!!!! We have dates, we have expectations and we still have questions!! What are your thoughts on this news? It's...View Details

Most of us know about Disney purchasing over 200 acres over the last few months, but none of us know what the land is going to be used for so..... why...View Details

Sarah had the idea, last week, to find out what the first restaurant at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was. What did we find out? Too much to type!...View Details

Today we have a special guest, joining James and Sarah, from Magic of Mickey Travel is Mrs. Lauren Gastelum.  She has been to Mickey's Not So Scary Ha...View Details

Today we talk about the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Where did the idea come from? Were the birds really the first audio-animatronics and where did that kind...View Details

Ep 33 Will Brian Travel?

Today, we hear from Brian and his plans for his Walt Disney World family vacation planned for late June.  Do we think they will be able to travel? How...View Details

Ep 32 Starport 75

Take a step back in time with Sarah, James and Brian as they discuss the early years of Space Mountain.  Today, March 11, is the last day to enter the...View Details

HE'S BACK!!!! That's right, Mark Daniel joins James and Sarah on today's show to chat a little Star Wars.  He left us hanging on he's true feelings ab...View Details

Ep 30 We’re back!

WE'RE BAAAACK! After a short "break" we have finally returned to your feed and are so excited to be back! Today, we discuss why we have been absent......View Details

Ep 29 Are you In or Out?

For episode 29 Sarah, James and Brian play a little game called "are you in or out?".  They each came up with different scenarios, some a little wild ...View Details

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